[she had certainly heard the commotion, but Katherine really didn’t care about going to help the others, especially when she heard Klaus’ mangled cry. his witch was now running off with Dan, out of that stupid barrier where she was no longer protected. of course she still had her powers, but that was no problem. running at full speed she uses her smell to properly locate them and it isn’t long before she’s speeding around them and cutting Tala off. she moves purposely enough to let them know she is now there, but doesn’t remain in one area long enough to be struck down]

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    [He smirks lightly, crossing over his arms] I was waiting for that. You know, I always have back up plans. I have a plan...
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    [he chokes and grasps at Klaus’ arm, unable to fight the annoyance creeping up on him at constantly being held in a...
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    [she looks up at him in anticipation, nodding for a short moment before she kisses him back] Warmer. At least I don’t...

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